Monday, June 18, 2007

When did you last see your blog?

Um, May 19th. A month ago!

So, where have I been?
At work.
At home.
At the high school prom.
At the drama group Omars.
On Facebook..........

And what have I been doing?

Having my hair done.
Having my nails done.
Having my teeth done.
Shopping for silk clothes and satin cloth and goddessy gauze.
Shopping for shoes, accessories and jewellery.
Shopping for make-up and nail polish.
Having a ball.
Researching the novel.
Writing the novel.
Writing applications.
Writing references and testimonials (for other people!)
Saying goodbye.
Getting hugged.
Looking forward to leaving Dubai.
Feeling wistful about leaving friends, colleagues, students (interchangeable terms).
Starting the hand-over to my successor at work.
Swapping plans with departing friends and colleagues.
Issuing invitations to mi casa, when I 've got one.
Discovering Facebook as a really good way to avoid losing contact in the blur of ex-pat leaving.
Planning goodbye breakfasts, coffees, lunches, dinners.
Emptying bookcases.
Sorting Stuff.
Taking stock.
Feeling happy, excited, liberated.
Talking to my family in Europe, where I shall soon be living.
Missing blogging, and bloggers.

We're leaving soon,
Bye bye............... :D


Perkunas said...

Good luck on your new life.

I really enjoyed Almodovar's latest movie with P. Cruz, "Volver." That was quite good, so much more real than most of the movies that get made in the US. I find it difficult to find good movies.

Take care.

Jin said...'ll be missed mama duck, but hopefully you'll continue blogging once you've settled on 'the other side'? We're taking the kids & Chikkin to Spain in August - first time for me & I'm rather excited!

MamaDuck said...

Thanks Perkunas. I've never seen any of PA's films, but I expect I shall be making up for that soon. I think Penelope Cruz is a really talented actress, and went to see her and Salma Hayek in Bandidas in Valencia last year. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I think I need to work on my Spanish before trying anything more complicated without subtitles!

Hi Jin. Where are you going to be? We'll be visiting family and friends in England in July, then straight to Madrid to lurk in air-conditioned spaces through the insane August heat. So no change there!

Kate Walker said...

Enjoy packing up! Safe journey and see you soon(ish)



elle said...

Gosh, has the time come already? Good luck with your move, hope you're still going to blog.....good luck and take care.

Jin said...

We've organised a holiday villa in Nerja & we're soooo excited (silly I know). Hubs found out there's a Harley rental place in Malaga, so the kids will get the car & us two will carry on being old time rebels without a clue!

MamaDuck said...

Thanks Guys. I packed 2 boxes of books yesterday morning, and another three this morning. I’m taking a break for a cup of tea.

Kate: I’ve packed all yours except for the trilogy, which I’ve lent to a colleague. She’s been too busy to get to them, but has promised herself a loooooooooong poolside treat at the end of next week, so thank you for her much-deserved wind-down!

Elle: It’s strange. I’ve come over all teary about this goodbye. Technically, it isn’t goodbye. It can’t be. Technically, we’ve never met! Then again, we meet in a space where physical distance is irrelevant. But I still think of you, Jin, TS and the rest of the gang as neighbours and friends in this little patch of e-sand, and this does feel like moving away. Gulp. Ah well, if you book a Spanish holiday one day, you & yours must come and visit. Ok?

Jin: Way to go! Excellent! I love it! Chikkin-mobile with Granny & Grandad providing motorcycle escort – you realise she’s going to be clamouring for her own leathers and bandanna? Of course you’re excited! Fantastic!