Saturday, June 30, 2007

Flu with deadline

have flu and horrible chest thing -
also have Flukit, cough medicine, antibiotics-
am totally disgusting swamp creature snuffling & hacking in disorderly nest of bedding and tissues -
am very soory for self and grateful for Habibi -
if survive combined effects of lurgy and medication, will be lurgy-free by 03.30 takeoff a week today -
otherwise could go cargo -
either way, good to go - snrghlfngggghrflnghgh......

totally irresponsible to take lurgy to public place for long leaving do yesterday -
so nice but next victim(s) will be cursing that bloody woman in a few days' time.
Oh dear.

so much to do, so little interest

better tomorrow


Kate Walker said...

Feel better soon! And don't bring any of those germs back to the UK with you. Looking forward to seeing - preferably germ free!


Jin said...

Awwww.......hope you get better soon mama duck. A few hot toddies should help!

cave renovator said...

Yup, second the hot toddies - wonderfull for a good nights kip! Get well soon!

nzm said...

Oh God - it's leaving Dubai flu-itis or maybe you're just becoming allergic to the place now that you're leaving!

Get well to fly.

Left a message on Keefie's latest post for you.

Good luck in Spain - we will see you again - thanks for all you did for us in our time of need! Love from both of us. m ad j xoxo