Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sabado en Malaga

Here's a list. This week I have cleared undergrowth, painted skirting, weeded and watered a vegetable garden, sawn branches (not very well), mixed concrete, wiped off newly concreted paving, shelled almonds and fed the broken ones to the chickens, cleared more undergrowth, painted fire buckets, teak-oiled outdoor furniture, thoroughly broken in my new workboots, acquired an impressive collection of scratches and the beginning of a suntan, and been stung by a wasp. I have been very comfortably housed, very well fed, taught a great deal in a short timestorm, given free use of a lovely swimming pool, and reintroduced to muscles I'd forgotten I had. I've learnt the Spanish names of all sorts of trees, and forgotten the Spanish for all sorts of tools. I've been reading Hola! in Spanish and, so, though I have no idea who Carmen Martinez-Bordiu is, I can tell you that she's very happy with her new husband Jose, so that's good! Right, I could wax lyrical about all sorts of lovely things, but I've got to go. I'll do detail and pics at a later date. Habibibaba arrives on Monday. =D


Anonymous said...

so pleased you are having such a lovely relaxing time
love Pop

nzm said...

I like manual labour - at least you can see the results of your toil.

Sometimes I sit at my computer all day, working hard, and at the end of the time, I have little to show for it.

My Inbox is still as full with new emails that must be answered the next day.

I feel like a hamster on a wheel!

cave renovator said...

good old hard graft, Arboles and palas and those flamin wasps!

great stuff!

nzm said...

TBTB then?

It's been a couple of weeks since the last post - hope that you're doing well, getting brown, parlez l'espagnol, and tending to those biscuits!


Anonymous said...

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