Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nail-biting finishes and more fun

I got my bag! I got paid!! England got beat! That was some match! I watched in La Buena Sombra, which I noticed yesterday in passing. It was actually quite hard to miss because they had the doors and windows open upstairs and down, and lots of people roaring at ten plasma screens in glorious colour. So in I went, and asked for a cider, which is a Spanish speciality, but I must be too far south. So I asked for a vodka and coke instead, with lots of ice. He put lots of ice in a pint glass, then poured in almost half a glass. Measures? No. Bad idea. Really bad idea! So he poured some of it away (standards?!) and charged me €5. I added 2 more bottles of coke (Pepsi actually) and more ice before the end, but still sat there dry-mouthed and clutching the table through the extra sessions and the penalties - me and the rest of the bar! By the way, they had something I've never seen before (in my sheltered years in Dubai) - self service pumps built into some tables. There was a computer monitor mounted high that listed how much each table had poured - so you can keep track when there's half a dozen of you!

On my way here afterwards (in my nice clean clothes, with freshly washed hair - yay!) I passed an open doorway and discovered the Ateneo de Málaga, on the final day of Fotógrafia de la Naturaleza, an exhibition of the winning photos from Wildlife Photographs of the Year 2006. Faaaaaaaaantastic! Foxes, gorillas, owls, whales, bears (black and polar). Those people are so talented, and so skillful. (How do you spell that?) Also African drummers playing African drums for a festival -´I'm going back there now. There was also a Japanese woman (I think) practising flamenco in a small theatre, but I think she gave up when the drummers started. She was loud (I thought someone was slamming crates down) but it was no contest.

Right, off to get some African culture! There's apparently no end to what Malaga has to offer!


nzm said...

Awesome - wow - that place sounds really alive! It would be hard not to get caught up in the energy of it all. No wonder you're managing to do so much!

MamaDuck said...

In Lojar now, nearest town (Zagar closer but small, old feel). Quick msj to Habibi in between weekly shop. Blog on Saturday. Love it here. Really love it. Chris Stewart and the like have to write about character and incident, and it's all true, but doesn't convey the essential attraction of this way of life, which is the apparently changeless but infinitely varied natural world as far as ear and eye can register. Birds, crickets, wind, trees. Sky, woods, river. Watering, clearing, feeding, grubbing, climbing, scarabbling, discovering, revisiting. Hooked. Becoming video menace!. See ya!

Keefieboy said...

'scarabbling' - that's a word game played with beetles isn't it

Mme Cyn said...

Ms Duck, we have yet to hear about you grubbing in the mud, getting your organics planted. Are you not yet down on the farm?

nzm said...


When you're done clearing the sand out of your villa, your blog-starved fans could do with an update! lol