Saturday, November 19, 2011

20711 - NoMoNaNoWriMo

OK, I give up!

I've hardly moved from this laptop in two weekends and on two public holidays; I've twice been up until 4.30 in the morning;I've written before work and after work; and this week, when after work it's been sleep or die, I've written twelve 12 A4 pages on trains and in underground stations between schools.

I don't know what 12 A4 pages will add to my registered word count of 20,711 - but I do know that in order to reach the 50,000 word target by the end of the month, I have to register another 29,289 words, at an average of 2,441 words a day.

At my current rate, I can expect to finish on December 15th...

Meanwhile, I haven't ironed a garment, washed a dish or dusted a figurine since Day One, and my husband is looking a bit sad and lonely, possibly because he's tired of china shepherdesses and washing up...

So I give up. I'm going to do a little slum clearance this weekend, then we'll see what I've got time for, but I very much doubt that it will be 2,441 words.

But it's so absorbing. If it weren't for the day job and the need to sleep, I might just throw out all my clothes and live at this laptop in my pyjamas until I've got this novel finished, and then get back to the other one. At least there'd be no ironing pile to fret about.


nzm said...

You can't give up - there are only 9 days left!

So near, so far!

Keefieboy said...

She tells fibs, you know.