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The Golden Goose - short version - 2nd EFL summer camp play

A classic fairy tale. It's in the narrative present, with lots of contractions as I think the short lines provide an opportunity to drill contractions and weak forms painlessly. However, if you want more of an old-fashioned, fairytale feel, you could go back to the full forms! Note subtle use of adjectives! There's a section on acrostics in Writing With Children, by Jackie Reilly and Vanessa Reilly, in the Oxford Resource Books for Teachers series. Excellent primary/junior resource book, and not just for native speakers.

The narrative passes from character to character.

We did this in a rectangular room, with the audience in one half and the acting space in the other. The actors sat on chairs on two sides of the acting space, with their props and costume bits under their chairs, or on a shelf behind them. This encouraged responsibility for personal props, made for quick entrances and exits, and meant, with no backstage or wing space - there was no need for backstage noise control. Love it.

Silly Sally had huge yellow crepe paper bows in her hair, and a hula hoop. The goose had a half-face mask, and some gold-coloured cloth tied around her shoulders. The King stuck his proclamation poster up with authentic medieval blutak.

If you'd like to use this version of The Golden Goose, please do, and give me some feedback, ok?!


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The Golden Goose - Short Version

© Noëlle Williamson 2010

Characters (8 actors)


Silly Sally


Little old man

Father / King



Dumling (Colin)

Princess Hi. I’m Princess Nicola. I'm in this story, but not yet. This is Colin. He's the hero of this story. Colin is Cheerful, Optimistic, Loyal, Intelligent and Nice. The only people who don’t think so are his parents. They don’t call him Colin, they call him Dumling. These are Colin’s parents. They are always arguing.

Mum (to Dad) You're Dirty, Awful and Disgusting! I hate you!

Dad (to Mum) Me? You are Mean, Useless and Miserable!

Princess The only thing Colin’s parents agree about is Colin.

Mum As for you!

Dad You are

Mum Daft

Dad Useless

Mum Messy

Dad Lazy

Mum Idiotic

Dad Nerdy

Mum and Grumpy!

Both You’re a dumling!

Princess Poor Colin. (Colin sighs) He decides to leave home forever. One night, when his parents are asleep, Dumling takes some stale bread and some water, and creeps out of the house.

Colin He walks a long way, until he meets

Old Man a little old man. Hello Colin.

Colin How do you know my name?

Old Man I know lots of things…….. I am hungry and thirsty.

Colin I've only got a piece of stale bread and some water, but you can have half.

Old Man Thank you. (They eat) Now, you helped me, so I'll help you. Look over there.

Colin What is it?

Old Man A golden goose. Take her. She'll bring you luck.

Goose Honk!

Colin Thank – He’s gone!

Landlord Colin and the golden goose walk a long, long way. They come to an inn. Welcome to my inn. Rooms 55 euros a night. But your duck can stay in the stable for nothing.

Goose Honk!

Landlord Pardon?! This is my daughter, Sally.

Sally Hello, I’m Sally, and I’m seven.

Landlord This is Sally, and she’s silly!

Sally What’s that?

Landlord It’s a duck.

Goose Honk!

Colin She’s a golden goose.

Sally She’s pretty. Can I have one, Dad?

Landlord No.

Sally Please.

Landlord No.

Sally Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?

Landlord Nonononono…………… 55 euros, please, sir.

Colin But I haven’t got any money.

Landlord Goodbye. (leaves)

Colin Oh dear. I’m so tired.

Sally You can sleep in the stable if you like.

Colin Great! Thanks. (Colin and Goose lie down)

Landlord But Sally wants a golden feather from the golden goose. That night, while everyone is asleep, she creeps into the stable, and tries to steal a feather. But when she touches the golden goose – (right hand)

Goose Honk!

Colin What?

Sally Oh! I’m stuck! Help! Help! Dad!

Landlord What’s going on? Sally!

Colin But when the landlord touches Sally – (right hand)

Goose Honk!

Colin What?

Landlord Oh! I’m stuck! Help! Help!

Colin So we all stay in the stable all night long. (All lie down)

Landlord The next morning,

Colin (fresh as a daisy, stretching comfortably) Off we go!

Goose Honk!

Landlord and Sally struggle up. All line up side by side, facing audience, and walk on the spot. Colin enregetic, both arms swinging. Goose waddling, waggling bottom. Landlord and Sally trudging dejectedly)

Landlord We walk miles

Sally and miles

Landlord and miles!

Sally My feet hurt.

Landlord I’m tired.

Sally I want to go home.

Goose Honk!

King (genial, expansive) At last, they come to a kingdom. My kingdom.

Princess This is my father.

King I’m the king. I’m Kind, Intelligent, Nice…….. I’m Great! And this is my daughter.

Princess Princess Nicola. Hello again.

King My daughter is Pretty, Rich, Intelligent, Nice, Curious, Energetic,

Princess Sad, and Soooooooooo lonely. I never laugh

King or smile.

Princess Never.

King But I’ve got a plan. A kind

Princess intelligent…. nice…

King GREAT plan. Look at this poster.



The King

King Do you like my plan?

Princess No!

Colin Yes! Hang on, I know a very funny joke….

Sally No!

Landlord What?

Sally I want to marry him!

Landlord But you’re only seven.

Sally and a half!

Landlord Right! We’re going home now!

Sally No!

Colin/Landlord Yes (tug-o-war – King & Princess join in)

Lots of shouting and honking. Princess starts laughing.

King Look! Look!

Colin Will you marry me?

Princess What? Yes!

Goose HONK! (chain breaks)

Everyone And we all live happily ever after. THE END.

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