Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anyone for West Wing?

In the Telegraph online: Alaska's largest newspaper has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for the White House, saying it would be too risky to put the state's Republican governor Sarah Palin just "one 72-year-old heartbeat from the leadership of the free world."

and in this staff blog, Iain Toomey agrees, more on grounds of character than experience:

In Christine Toomey's profile of Sarah Palin there is a short passage which gets to
the heart of the doubts so many have about the Republican Vice-Presidential
"There is a high body count of people who have dared to disagree
with Sarah Palin, shown a reluctance to do her bidding or, in her eyes, failed
to support her wholeheartedly – among them some who say they too have been
hunted, carved up and cast aside along her path to power. These people warn, as
do even her closest friends and family, that in Palin’s eyes there are no grey
areas, no room for doubt. There is only right or wrong, black or white, “good or
evil”. Her father Chuck’s word for it is “stubborn”. One of her friends calls
her “dogged”. If Palin believes something to be true, it is – no amount of
evidence to the contrary will sway her, and everybody else had better believe it
The profile makes quite extraordinary reading. All four pages of it. If Sarah Palin becomes de facto leader of the 'free world', Austin Powers and Batman movies may become key psychological profile texts for trainee diplomats.

If you've ever wondered what could possibly be worse than Dubbya & Co...............

What was McCain thinking?

'West Wing', anyone?


nzm said...

The only combination that would have been more dangerous would have been if Charlton Heston (if he was still alive) and Sarah Palin had run together on the same ticket.

MamaDuck said...

And there's talk of her as a presidential candidate in 2012....

Kate Walker said...

And there's talk of her as a presidential candidate in 2012....

Don't say scarey things like that - please! I came to your blog to cheer up a grey morning . . . .