Monday, May 05, 2008

El Quatro de mayo

12.55. Helicopters overhead, shouting in the streets. Fireworks over Recoletos. Bangers, hooters, sirens, and cheering at Cibeles. Either Real Madrid have won, or the French are back!

Viva la Pepa!!


nzm said...

Scoring twice in the final 3 minutes too!

dubaibilly said...

Hello Mama Duck, I guess they must be overworking you again - never mind, not long to the holidays now.

Lots of love

DB and Mrs DB

nzm said...

Oy! Have you quacked off?

ladyluz said...

Hola - are you still around? Have only just discovered you and upped and gorn.

I'm still in Dubai with you, working my way through two years of your life. I hope by the time I finish, you'll be back on your blog.


MamaDuck said...

Hi there. Still here but generally working or pooped, neither of which is terribly interesting to anyone else. Lately too busy enjoying myself!