Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shameless Plug Part Ducks

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I haven't blogged lately because 1: I'm job-hunting, 2: The Novel is beginning to show signs of possibly maybe almost starting to come together, 3: kinda busy with work, and 4: Romeo and Juliet is on this weekend, so evenings are far too busy and interesting to leave any time for actually writing about them. (Isn't it a pain when real life interferes with the really important stuff?)

So, here's some gen on the DDG production of R&J, from an Emirates Today interview with Jordan Baker (Romeo) & Saskia O'Neill (Juliet) -

Valentine’s Day is only just over. But romance is still in the air. And what better way for all you die-hard lovers to keep that fire alive than treating your partner to one of Shakespeare’s most famous love stories.
Following the successful productions of Run For Your Wife and Treasure Island, The Dubai Drama Group is back in what is set to be its most exciting production yet: Romeo & Juliet.
Ever since auditions for the first production of 2007 ended in November last year, the cast, as well as the rest of the crew, have been busy preparing for the show, which will take place tomorrow and Saturday.
And after being treated to a sneak preview of the show, it was obvious the group has definitely made an effort to create an entertaining play – not an easy feat, considering they all have to juggle full-time jobs or school.
Romeo & Juliet is a tragedy concerning the fate of two young “star-crossed lovers” and it should be familiar, let’s face it, everybody has seen at least five minutes of the Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes blockbuster.
In this production, the starcrossed lovers are played by Saskia O’Neil and Jordan Baker, and despite quite a significant age difference between the two – Saskia is 16, while Jordan is 26 – their professionalism shines through during rehearsals.
So what made them decide to go for the parts?
“Well, I saw the advert for auditions at my school, and I decided it would be fun to join,” says Sasskia.
“However, I guess I was more interested doing backstage work as I didn’t think I’d be ready to take on a full-on role.
“My teacher convinced me to go for it – I auditioned and I got the part. She is also in our group – she plays the nurse in Romeo & Juliet.”

Meanwhile, Jordan points out that being new to Dubai, acting was a fun way for him to meet new people.
“Three years ago, I moved to Dubai from the United States, and the last time I travelled around, I found that one of the best ways of meeting new and different people would be through community theatre,” says Jordan, who works as a mechanical engineer in the emirate.
“I love theatre, and it was fantastic to be given the part of Romeo – rehearsals have been fun.” What is quite special about the Dubai Drama Group’s production is that it is not your typical “drag along for six hours” Romeo & Juliet.
“We don’t want to bore the audience – we want to entertain,” Jordan laughs.
“Basically, it is a condensed version of the play, and it’s not your typical version.
“You’ve got your traditional play with the Shakespearean English, and then there is the version that starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes – we’re performing a version that uses both traditional and modern elements, making it fun for everyone.” It is definitely an entertaining production, and indeed suitable for everyone. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and then you’ll laugh a bit more. And Jordan agrees.
“It’s a nice cultural change, and we have an international cast – I think we’re 12 nationalities in all,” he explains.
“Plus, there’s good music and a great cast.You won’t be disappointed.”

The Gulf News did an entertaining feature after one of our Friday rehearsals in Safa Park.

There are four shows: Friday and Saturday, 3pm and 7pm. You can buy tickets (50Dhs) at the DUCTAC box office or through Time Out.
Now I must get to bed. Big day tomorrow, forsooth.


Kate Walker said...

Wish I could be there - I'd love to see you on stage


PS Did you say Novel?? Is there something I should know?

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Is somkeone i know turning out a blockbuster

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Sorry that we missed another of your performances.

m and j

PS - did you say job-hunting? Is there something we should know? :-)

elle said...

Hello MamaDuck
You've been awfully quiet. Hope everythings working out just right for you. I'm up and running again after being away for such a long time. My blog has the story....Chat soon..Elle

Mme Cyn said...

Did somebody at least TAPE this thing this time, MamaDuck? I was (as you know) out of the country, so missed the big night. How'd it go?