Monday, February 12, 2007

Egrets in Dubai?

On several mornings now, at about seven o'clock, I've seen between two and ten white birds at the Emirates Mall interchange, on the grassed part inside the loop, where the road from Jebel Ali turns up and over the Sheikh Zayed Road, heading fro the Police Academy.

I thought they might be egrets, but here's a picture of a Little Egret from Kenya, and I think they were smaller. Plus, this is the distribution: Widely distributed including Southern Europe, much of Asia, North and East Africa, Australia and New Zealand. (i.e. everywhere except the Middle East!)

Has anyone else seen them, and can identify them? They're delicate, snowy white, and quite beautiful.


nzm said...

Looks like a heron, stork or egret to me.

Given that Dubai's climate is changing, maybe they decided it was a nice place to stop instead of flying over on their way to somewhere else?

Mme Cyn said...

We've got them out at the University, too, and I've seen them on the roundabout near the Garhoud Bridge. They're no more than knee-high, and I believe they are "Little Egrets" (snowy egrets if this were the US), which migrate to southern Asia and Africa from Europe.

i*maginate said...

I saw them and wondered what the heck they were, they were so beautiful! I also saw them around the same area you saw them.. thx 4 sharing